Keshia Angeline visits Toronto!

I had the opportunity to play host to the beautiful, young and talented, Keshia Angeline, who came to Toronto from Saskatchewan to be a part of Love Always, R&B and meet with some amazing people while here.

While Keshia was here she also had the chance to lay some tracks down in the studio with amazing talented people such as Sunny Diamonds and Bass Line (2 words all the time lol)

and Jay Ohshawn and Krys Xpress.

The weekend was a success for Keshia and I wish we could have hung out even longer! I cannot wait until the world hears what Keshia came up with in the studio this past weekend! ( I even got to help write!)

Late nights….long drives…….and tons of singing….

I hope Keshia (and her amazing mom Julie) have a safe trip back to Regina, Saskatchewan but come back soon to make more music and history!

Love you both!



2 responses

  1. i just want to know what you think about my song 🙂

    March 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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